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Buzbee Pheasants and Quail

I have been raising birds for 45 years and specialize in Ornamental Pheasants and Quail. I raise quality birds with no cross breeding.


The Pheasants I am currently raising include Lady Amherst, Golden, Yellow Golden GiGi, Swinehoe, Edwards, Silvers, Elliots, Hume's Bar Tailed, Mikado, Palawan Peacock, Temminck's, Impeyan, Grey Peacock, Cheers and Erkel Francolin. The Quail I raise include Valley, Gambel's and Snowflake. I also have Grey Jungle Fowl.

I only buy my breeder birds from a handful of good reputable breeders. I would like to thank Roman Kmicikewycz, Kelly McMullan and James Pfarr for all the help that the have given me over the years!

In 2018 I will be adding Lewis Silvers and Black Francolins.

OWNER: Ray Buzbee

My first avian love was for Parrots. I ran a small business inside of my home while working full time and raising my family in northern Illinois. After retiring my wife and I came "HOME" to Alabama.

With a small house and quite a bit of land I decided to try my hand at outdoor avian species. I started small with Chickens, Ducks and Geese, my love for birds grew stronger. My interest changed to more unusual birds. I now specialize in Quail and Ornamental Pheasants.

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